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Clara La San: Artist of Modern Music

Clara La San, a mysterious composer, producer, and vocalist, is thrilled to announce her first studio album, “Made Mistakes.”

Clara La San: Artist of Modern Music

Debut Studio Album: “Made Mistakes”

Clara La San, a mysterious composer, producer, and vocalist, is thrilled to announce her first studio album, “Made Mistakes.” The album is released on June 7 under her label, CLS Music, in collaboration with AWAL Recordings. Fans eagerly await this release, which promises to showcase Clara’s unique musical style.

New Single: “Talking to You”

Alongside the album announcement, Clara has released a new single, “Talking to You.” This track blends contemplative synthesizers with deep drum beats and bright harp sounds. Clara wrote, performed, and produced the song herself, highlighting her versatility as an artist. The single also features a music video directed by Actual Objects, known for their work with Bad Bunny, Dua Lipa, Yves Tumor, and Caroline Polachek. This video continues the narrative from her previous single “Don’t Worry About It.”

Clara La San: “Don’t Worry About It”

Released last month, “Don’t Worry About It” features ethereal melodies and a robust urban beat. This track showcases Clara’s formidable talent in crafting innovative and captivating songs. It was her first release following the 2023 re-issue of “In This Darkness,” which achieved massive streaming numbers and solidified her unique sound. Clara was also featured on Bryson Tiller’s self-titled album in April.

Clara La San: Unique Musical Style

Clara La San’s music seamlessly integrates diverse musical styles, from early-2000s R&B to modern rap beats. She also draws influence from film scores and cutting-edge sound design. This unique blend is enhanced by additional Yves Rothman production and by Tony Maserati mixing. Clara’s distinctive fusion of soul and pop, combined with her knack for compelling vocal top lines and lush harmonies, keeps her audience coming back for more.

Clara La San: Artistic Journey

Clara’s journey in music began with early guest vocal performances and headlining her mixtape “Good Mourning” in 2017, co-produced with UK electronic artist Jam City. Although the mixtape has since been removed from digital platforms, it contributed to her enigmatic presence in the music scene. Clara has continually refined her songwriting prowess, and her work with artists like Yves Tumor and Bicep highlights her broad talent. These experiences have helped her develop a confident solo voice that reflects her artistic growth and bold approach to the music industry.

Clara La San’s debut album “Made Mistakes” and her latest single “Talking to You” are set to make a significant impact. Her unique sound and innovative approach to music will captivate audiences and fellow artists alike.


Clara La San is more than just a mysterious figure in the music industry; she is a trailblazer blending various musical styles into something uniquely her own. Her debut studio album, “Made Mistakes,” set for release on June 7, promises to solidify her place in the music world. The new single “Talking to You” exemplifies her talent for combining deep beats with ethereal melodies, offering a taste of what fans can expect from the album.

Clara’s journey from early guest vocal performances to her enigmatic presence in the industry showcases her growth and bold approach to music. With additional production from Yves Rothman and mixing by Tony Maserati, Clara La San is poised to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression on fans and fellow artists. Her innovative sound and compelling storytelling continue to set her apart, marking her a significant force in modern music.

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